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東成五金有限公司成立於 1978 年, 業務主要經營進口銅喉, 國產銅喉, 鉛水喉, 不銹鋼喉,塑膠喉, 鉛水喉及消防配件,及各類建材產品。

另本公司自置廠房生產各類五金配件, 喉碼, 套通, 大小類型鋼鐵制品, 欄河, 沙井蓋, 電綫井蓋, 不銹鋼梳冷, 泵蠆架, 隔沙, 龍頭箱, 淋花柱, 及可來圖訂造建築地盤之五金類制品。

本公司辦事處設於觀塘怡生工業中心, 為配合各區業務發展, 本公司於九龍新填地街及大角咀均開設門市, 倉庫位於油塘及新界, 備有各式貨品存貨, 並自置運輸車隊於港九新界提供快捷送貨服務。

本公司經多年努力經營, 並提供最優質產品及服務, 已成功取得多項工程合同供應各類喉, 配件, 五金等, 包括醫院, 大型商業大廈, 私人住宅, 公屋, 居屋, 學校等, 業務並遍及澳門大型酒店, 渡假村等。

Tung Shing Hardware Co Ltd has established in 1978,. Our scope of businesses are supplying import copper tubes, mainland copper tubes, galvanized steel pipes, PVC pipes, pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe and fittings and all kind of plumbing and drainage, fire service and HVAC related products.

Tung Shing has set up our own factory in Dongguan PRC to produce all kinds of pipe brackets, pipe sleeves, various kind of metallic products, different type of railings, manhole covers, cable pit covers, stainless steel channels, pump sets, screeners, water point boxes, shower curtains…and we welcome to tailor made various kind of hardware for customers.

Our head office locate at East Sun Industrial Centre, Kwun Tong, in cope with our business expansion in different districts, we set up our retail shops at Reclamation Street at Mongkok and Fuk Tsun Street at Tai Kok Tsui.  Our warehouse locate at Yau Tong and New Territories. We keep adequate stock of various kinds of products and set up our own transportation team to provide fast delivery services cover Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories.

After years of businesses, we successfully gain a numbers of prestige projects in Hong Kong include hospitals, commercial centers, private residential, public residential and schools…etc, our projects also include hotels and resorts at Macau.